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Buy books, watch videos, commission original artwork, and engage in more events with L. M. Labat. In here, no middle man exists. Every drawing, manuscript, and design stems from L. M., so all creativity flows straight from the source to you.

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Author • Illustrator • Graphic Designer​​​​​​​


Books, Videos, Art, and More.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


A Contortion of Malpractice, Monsters, and Madness

"As an authentic new voice in horror, L. M. Labat's work is full of passion and originality."

-Charles Gramlich,

Author of Cold in the Light


"The Sanguinarian Id by L.M. Labat is nothing short of a masterpiece...I've never read anything like it...

not even close."

-Ursula K. Raphael, 

Tuesday Terror: The Sanguinarian Id

"All illustrations were by Labat, are beautifully drawn and augment the text well.

All in all, this was an impressive debut and I am interested

to see where Labat

takes the story."

-Andy Boylan, An Ambitious Work: L. M. Labat’s Debut Vampire Novel


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